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Portland Bridges

Portland Oregon BridgesPortland, Oregon has a total of 12 major bridges, many of which lift in the center to allow boat traffic through. 10 bridges span the Willamette River, and two cross the Columbia. While these bridges provide necessary travel routes for the city’s commuters, they have also become indelible architectural and cultural landmarks in this fast-growing city. The number of bridges has increased over the years as the city has boomed and expanded. Below is a list of all the Portland bridges, followed by year/s they were built:

Sellwood Bridge (1925)
Marquam Bridge (1966)
Ross Island Bridge (1926)
Hawthorne Bridge (1910)
Morrison Bridge (1958)
Burnside Bridge (1926)
Steel Bridge (1912)
Broadway Bridge (1913)
St. Johns Bridge (1931)
Fremont Bridge (1973)
Interstate Bridge (1917-1918)
Glenn Jackson Memorial Bridge (1982)

Portland Bridge Photo Gallery

Broadway Bridge

Some stunning images of one of our favorites - the Broadway bridge in Portland

9 Photos

Steel Bridge

The Steel Bridge in Portland, gallery includes views and panos.

17 Photos

Hawthorne Bridge

Images of the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon

11 Photos