A Store Just For Salt?

Pink or black, flaky or chunky. Your prom date? No! Salt. Bunches of it. From Maine, France, the Himalayas, and even New Zealand. The Meadow ( (3731 N. Mississippi Ave) carries the largest selection of salts in Portland and probably pretty much anywhere.

Like little jars of crystals, the artisan salts shine, in all different colors, textures and density. For cooking, brining, curing or just for some olive oil and bread, these salts shout genius gourmet to any guest you might have.

Beautiful translucent Himalayan salt blocks, laying in chunks on a table in the store, can be used to serve or cook food on. How cool!

Owner Mark Bitterman, whose love of food inspired his collection of salt, penned an introduction to finishing salts, listing each salt and their corresponding uses. Brilliant! You can’t go wrong. Salt can grab flavor, wrap it in intensity and deliver it to your waiting palette. The guide inspires gutsiness in the kitchen and I can’t wait to let loose with my starter set that I bought.

On the other side of the store, the wall is covered in hundreds of chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and baking chocolate. Portland chocolate, chocolate from Madagascar, chocolate from Venezuela ? it?s all there. Chocolate covered chili-spiced pecans, white chocolate with olives – really any combination you could want. Perhaps an idea for the craving mom-to-be?

My favorite things that I bought were the salted chocolate caramels by Xocolatl de Davíd. Crazy delicious combination. Equally as crazy delicious was the chunk of chocolate with Mexican exploding corn. Addictive. That’s all I can say.

A member of the upscale B Brooks ( wire service, The Meadow also creates beautiful bouquets of flowers. They are just getting their selection of dried edible flowers out as well.

Really, you have everything you need right here. Salt. Chocolate. Flowers. Oh. And Wine. A big selection of wine. Perfect.

The Meadow has occasional salt tastings in their tasting room – go to their website to sign up for their mailing list.

Store Hours:

Sunday – Monday – 11 to 6

Tuesday – CLOSED

Wednesday – Saturday – 11 to 7

*Note: The exploded corn and chocolate is called Palomitapapá and is made by Sahagun, another of the four premier chocolatiers from Portland featured at The Meadow.

Article by Elizabeth Fuss, Lizzy Dishes Portland

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