Urban Grind Coffeehouse

Urban Grind Coffeehouse, Portland, OR

Urban Grind is living proof that getting your daily fix doesn’t have to involve paying above average prices for a below average experience. On the contrary, this place is a perfect example of a local business that has established a huge following by providing a great atmosphere to compliment amazing products.

First and foremost, the drinks are outstanding. Whether you’re the type who prefers a jet-black shot of life, a flavor-laden mocha or latte or one of a dozen teas, Urban Grind will not disappoint. The drink menu, which also features several beers and wines, has something great for everyone. And that’s not all…

The food selection may be what really sets Urban Grind apart! All the food is made locally by eco-conscious companies and tends to be an experience in itself. Featured are several tarts, pasties and baked goods that will tempt even the best of us. But the real winners may be the paninis. Urban Grind offers both breakfast (highly recommend is the “spicy” with ham, egg and salsa!) and lunch paninis with your choice of sides.

Yet what it really boils down to is the people. Expect to be greeted with a smile by any of the employees or the owner Kevin (who you’ll likely find tending the espresso machine). And don’t be surprised to find yourself on a first name basis after only a few visits. So next time you’re in the Pearl District, grab a seat on one of their sofas, take advantage of free wireless internet, enjoy some quality food and drink and discover first-hand why Urban Grind is a true oasis in a city saturated with coffee shops.

Urban Grind Coffeehouse
911 NW 14th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 546-5919

To view an interactive map of the Pearl District, click here!

4 Responses to Urban Grind Coffeehouse

  1. Charlie says:

    Just perusing the Octopus and Saw this article on Urban Grind Coffeehouse. Everything Jason wrote is true……………………….except that they roast their own coffee and they just aren’t there yet. Of the milk based espresso drinks such as cappucinos and machiatos the espresso roast does not bind well with the milk. Liquid ashtray was what came to mind and I have tried many of the different coffee drinks on tap here. Really not trying to bash such a great place run by such great people but with such a great location in the heart of this specialty coffee fueled city they should really use something more complex and er….seasoned until they get it right. Caffe Vita, Stumptown, Illy, Umbria all have great espresso and drip coffees. Ristretto and Batdorf’s espresso is good too.
    Love the place and not trying to be a hater but as a self taught, unwashed, lover of coffee I just can’t do the Urban Grind for my coffee fix.

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  4. I’d like to offer a word about the “other” Urban Grind”, the one on Oregon. Owned by the same folks, this gem is hiding out but definitely needs exploring. I’ve been there for four networking meetings now and every time I’ve gone in there, I have not been disappointed by anything.

    I’m greeted warmly by everyone inside (including the other guests) and those who have found this place seem to share the same knowing twinkle in their eye as if they’ve discovered a rare secret and are loving the conspiracy.

    I know this is under coffee but have you tried their teas? Gibran McDonald creates tea blends that are some of the best I’ve ever had. Yesterday we were there for a vendor fair and I had the opportunity to try his “Fight From Within” blend – oh, in a word, yum!

    Come join the conspiracy. These folks would love to be discovered.

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